June 27, 2009 Run for Logan

Friday, January 2, 2009

Weeks 5,6 &7

The Necessary Post (The post of Shame):

I am not proud of myself.....but Brian tells me I need to post anyway....hence the delay... I am not sure if it is the Christmas parties and busy schedule or just a brief moment of lack of motivation...... but here I am confessing that in three weeks I have only run 25 miles. Embarrassing, annoying, and not going to happen again! Please note, my New Years Resolution is to follow my training calendar until the end without any hiccups! I just finished (with some changes these last three weeks! (clearly!)) the "Build a Base" program I was following.... this means that starting Monday I begin my actual training calendar (I will post this for your reference) ..... less room for skipping a run and no excuses for not posting weekly! I apologize.... if it makes you feel any better.....I am feeling more let down by myself than you could ever be in me.... with 2008 behind me, I am confident that 2009 will bring with it a lot of hard work and dedication, a lot of running and also some pride in accomplishing what I set out to do.....

I returned yesterday from Seattle. I love going home...I may be one of the only people who can claim loving a trip to the rain when leaving the sun....but I love it. I think that although I love it here and am very happy.... part of me has always stayed in Seattle. Maybe the combination of friends and family and what is comfortable. There is something to be said for spending time with my friends from college- the ones who know that even though I want to rent scary movies....I will hide my face for most of it; who have seen that I have bad "morning hair", but love me anyway! For spending time with my brothers and sister and having the annual game of Risk....where we know that someone is going to think they lost a country or continent unfairly and have to reference the rule book to make sure the situation was handled properly! For spending time with my parents at the Starbucks where I used to work occasionally and still see friendly faces. For spending time with the friends I used to teach with and reminiscing about the kids, the shared discussions and lesson planning. For both the Edlund and Costanza Christmas'....where Brian and I try to cram enough family into a limited amount of days unsuccessfully..... resulting in dividing and conquering...wishing we had more time with everyone.... Leaving home and still not seeing everyone who is important to me.... hoping they still know that they are.
For those who follow Logan's progress, I am sure you are aware of his friend and "fellow fighter" Ben. Ben, who loved the movie "Cars" and playing tennis...lost his fight with Neuroblastoma a couple of days ago. I never met Ben.....but through his parent's website I felt like I knew him well. I have spent the last couple of days in tears....having a difficult time understanding how someone so small with so much ahead of him could be taken so early. There are really no words. Please pray for strength for Ben's family.....

I realize that I have been given an opportunity to help raise awareness for this cancer and help support Logan whom I really admire..... I am sorry I veered from the path for as long as I did, but I am ready and I am going to do this. For Logan, for Ben, for myself.
Thank you in advance for understanding!


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